Information about fields in those which low level laser therapy finds application

Laser therapy: General arteriosclerosis of the central nervous system

Laser therapy: Chronic skin illnesses and problems in wound healing

Laser therapy: Chronic exhaustion

Laser therapy: Chronic sinus inflammations

Laser therapy: General infection susceptibility and allergic reactions, especially with children

Laser therapy: Orthopaedic illnesses

Laser therapy: General artheriosclerotic processes of the cardiovascular system and general vitality loss

Laser therapy: Acute virale infections

Laser therapy: Chronic abdominal ailment

Laser Therapy:
General arteriosclerosis of the central nervous system

Our body is built up from about 5 trillion individual cell organisms. Each of these small living beings must supply themselves with energy. Pain and malfunctions of individual body areas or organs go back to pain and malfunctions in the individual cells. If a tendon is pulled or it is overoaded a joined, small tendon cells innumerable with it, cartilage cells, bone cells, nerve cells, muscle cells and so forth become like this, pulled, overloaded. In this case, the cells come into a lack of energency. They report to us this as pain and disfunction.

Low Level Laser Therapy

low level Laser Therapy

All cells of the biosphere supply themselves with cell energy ATP (= adenosintriphosphat) via the same power station model. ATP is the key substance of our body cell and of our whole body. Every cell work must be managed with the aid of ATP. Light is the single medicine which the production of ATP can increase directly. This is due next to it to the fact that our cell power station (mitochondrion) is built according to the collector principle and converts photon energy (= light energy) into ATP (=cell energy).

The LLL therapie of general arteriosclerosis of the central nervous system.

As a result of an acute one or chronic circulation troubles, it comes for a high-degree energy lack in the brain cells. In this case, only a very small part of the brain cells really dies. The by far biggest part of the brain cells in the affected brain area survives, however, suffers from a continuous energy lack.

LL laser light repairs this energy lack and gives additional energy (ATP) which the brain cells use for its cure and regeneration processes.

Laser Therapy
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