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Loss of Hearing:
General Information on the low level laser therapy

Inner ear diseases: The low level laser therapy & inner ear diseases

The low level laser therapy of inner ear diseases has been made use of in Germany since the end of the eighties (for example by Dr. Uwe Witt, Hamburg) and is also to be found in quite a few other countries (Italy, France, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Hungary, the United States of America, Russia etc.).

Since 1991, about 800 inner ear patients have been treated with low level laser light under the medical and scientifical supervision of me. The therapy results have been (and still are) continuously documented and analyzed.

As the observation of healing processes has shown in the course of the years, even serious impairments such as the most excruciating cases of tinnitus, dysacusia, morbus Menière and bradyacusia can be considerably alleviated and even healed with the aid of modern light technology and the corresponding medical management.

Inner ear diseases & the inner ear

The inner mitochondrial membrane mm is a large collector surface folded onto a small total volume. All nutritive molecules (fats, proteins and glucose) are oxidized within the cell to the last molecular nutritive component, that is, pyruvate. The pyruvate is then imported into the cellular power plant, where it disintegrates into carbon dioxide and water in the immediate proximity of the collector surface of the mitochondrion. The molecular bond energy thus released, which corresponds with visible, ultraviolet and infrared light as far as its wavelength and frequency is concerned, is utilized by the mitochondrion to produce the cellular fuel ATP. Loss of Hearing - The molecular bond energy
The collector surface of our cellular power plant is enlarged by the mushroom-shaped protrusions of the inner mitochondrial membrane mm. The molecular bond energy mb of the pyruvate is released in the form of light energy le. Loss of Hearing - The cellular power plant
The antennae pigments are capable of absorbing this light energy le and transmit it to our cellular power plant, which can now produce the cellular fuel ATP.

The natural solar radiation also stimulates the antennae pigments of the mitochondrion to produce ATP.
Low level laser light lll is compressed light from the red spectrum of the visible part of electro-magnetic radiation (= light). It reaches the cellular power plants of low-lying cells as well and is absorbed by their collector surfaces as an additional source of energy. The cellular power plants can thus produce more ATP. The cellular energy is the fuel the inner ear cells strives after and needs. A sufficiently high supply of cellular energy enables our inner ear cell to work under optimum conditions and is the essential prerequisite to ensure a successful self-healing process. Loss of Hearing - The cellular power plant ATP
Loss of Hearing - healthy inner earA healthy inner ear shows a normal hearing curve.

Loss of HearingThese one sets up hearing curve take degree cheer audio hardness of hearing dar. In the organ itself, this is combined with an emaciation of the organ structures visible in the lightmicroscopic enlargement.

organ structures visible in the lightmicroscopic enlargement - Loss of HearingThis hearing curve represents a high-degree cheer audio hardness of hearing. In the organ itself, this is combined with an extreme emaciation of the organ structures visible in the lightmicroscopic enlargement. On account of preserved hearing ability, the sense cells did not die however even in a so damaged inner ear and therefore, can be regenerated.

Loss of HearingOnly if audiometry announces a deafness as in this example, a no more regeneratablee state can speak and this too only for the frequency range in that deafness is available.

The hearing cells of the frequency range which has an hearing ability in this example of the Tieftonbereich), can be corrected biologically with a highly proportioned laser therapy.

Loss of Hearing - hearing cells Loss of Hearing - membran projections Loss of Hearing - cell power stations
The hearing cells of the inner ear (per inner ear, about 25000 individual nerve cells) are individual cell individuals. Inner ear illnesses go back to a biological excessive demands of these individual cell individuals.
So how we can be overtaxed and exhausted as a total organism and develop then corresponding symptoms, these cell individuals can also be overtaxed and they can be exhausted biologically and then the corresponding illness symptoms may develop.
DA they the entire life gap of a human being as cell individuals more than persist may must, are you with a corresponding individual strength gold permit.
This picture shows the sense hairs of the hearing cells (membran projections) even more clearly. Become you, how the nearest picture shows, into the entire degeneration process of a sick hearing cell mit one included. As long as the hearing cells exist, however, how can show they the results ours studies and patient questioning be regenerated at least in part. This close-up of the hearing cell shows the cell power stations (mitochondrions). By explanation of the mode of operation of the cell power stations (commutator principle), it becomes possible to stimulate this for a raised production of the cell strength cloth ATP (Adenosintriphosphat) with the aid of laser light. As a result, the exhausted (died however not) hearing cell has the possibility to become healthy again.

Loss of Hearing - chronic noise Coarsenings of the tiny hairses of sens organs as a reflex of the inner ear cell e.g. in the case of chronic noise action. Even such inner ear modifications can be modified positively with a corresponding therapy management with the aid of laser light. Loss of Hearing - organ of equilibrium Look from above to the sense hairs of a labyrinth cell (organ of equilibrium).

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