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Clinical Laser Therapy
Low Level Laser Therapy, by Kert & Rose Scandinavian Medical Laser Technology, ISBN 87-983204-1-6

Laser Acupuncture
an Introductory Textbook for Treatment of Pain, Paralysis, Spacticity, and other Disorders, by Margaret A. Naeser, Ph. D. and Xiu-Bing Wei, MD (China)

Laser and Electrodiagnostic Techniques for the Isolation and Treatment of Odontogenous Foci
by Dennis Tucker, PhD, DAc, American Journal of Acupuncture, Vol 18, No.4, 1990

Laser Therapy in Dentistry and Medicine
by Jan Tuner and Lars Hode Prima Books AB 1996 ISBN SE 91-630-4078-6

Low Level Laser Therapy
A Practical Introduction, by T. Oshiro and R.G. Calderhead John Wiley & Sons 1988, ISBN 0-471-91956 X

Low Level Laser Therapy
Clinical Practice and Scientific Background, by Jan Tuner and Lars Hode Prima Books 1999, ISBN 91-630-7616-0

Low Level Laser Therapy as a Medical Treatment Modality
by Pekka J. Poentinen, Art Urpo Ltd 1992, ISBN 951-96632-0-7

Proceedings 2nd Congress World Association for Laser Therapy
Kansas City Missouri September 2-5, 1998

Therapeutic Lasers
Theory and Practice, by G. David Baxter Churchill Livingston 1997, ISBN 0-443-04393-0

Tinnitus lindern durch Laserlicht, by Lutz Wilden and Michaela Fritsch, Dr. Werner Joop Verlag 1994/95/96/97, ISBN 3-926955-70-8

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