Wissenschaftliche Arbeiten zur Eindringtiefe von Low-Level-Laserlicht im Kopfbereich

Penetration Depths of 830nm Diode Laser Irradiation in the Head and Neck assessed using a radiographic phantom model and Wavelength-Specific imaging Film

T Ohshiro 1, H Ogata2, M Yoshida 1, Y Tanaka3, K Sasaki2 and K Yoshimi2
1: Japan Medical Laser Laboratory, Tokyo; 2: Ohshiro Clinic, Tokyo; and 3: Tokyo Senbai Hospital, Tokyo, Japan.

The Maxillofacial Region: Recent Research and Clinical Practice in low intensity Laser therapy (LILT)

Paul Bradley, Eduardo Groth, Bahar Gursoy, Hakan Karasu, Arif Rajab, Sajee Sattayut
The Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry, London, England
- Lasers in Medicine and Dentistry, Basic Science and Up-to-date Clinical application of Low Energy-Level Laser Therapy LLLT -

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