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Dr. med. Lutz Wilden
Interesting for you - my site Home Therapy by Dr. Wilden: www.lux-spa-ibiza.com

Private practice
Dr. med. Lutz Wilden ( Med. Familia Y C. / Laser Terapia )
Calle Faisa NÂș 8 / 1 B
07819 Jesus , IBIZA

Tel: 0034 / 605 21 5906

Any Questions?
E-Mail: info@dr-wilden.de

Doctor Consultation at NO COST
Please enclose your latest audiometric test and send to us by post email or fax.
After we analize, you can contact us by telephone and receive a free consultation.
General Information

The office of Dr. Lutz Wilden is located in the middle of the beautiful island Ibiza.


Therapy of the inner ear

Therapy of other diseases

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