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Dr. med. Lutz Wilden
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Alarm signs - prevention
inner ear dysfunction

Alarm signs - inner ear dysfunction

Inner ear dysfunction - information for children and adults who are using hearing aids

Prevention - inner ear dysfunction

Noise level measurements - inner ear dysfunction


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Inner Ear Dysfunction: Noise Level Measurements

Noise Level Volume in Decibel          Noise effect
heavy weapons
toy pistol fired near the ear
box round the ear
New years`s banger exploding near the ear
opening of an airbag in the car
loud clapping
starting of a jet-aircraft
 strong overstressing of the inner ear is sure also by short exposition
rockband, disco
sound level by listening music with headphones
loud cry
 strong overstressing of the inner ear is very probably
circular saw, motorcycle
main road
hair dryer
 high risk factor for cardio vascular diseases
train services, lawnmover, inside an airplane
 overstressing of the inner ear by chronical exposition
street in a residential area during the day
street in a residential area during the night
 learning and concentrating disturbance
tick of an alarm clock
rustle of leafs
normal breathing
 hearing limit
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