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Alarm signs - prevention
inner ear dysfunction

Alarm signs - inner ear dysfunction

Inner ear dysfunction - information for children and adults who are using hearing aids

Prevention - inner ear dysfunction

Noise level measurements - inner ear dysfunction

Selfdiagnosis and a method to help yourself

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Alarm signs of a going forward of the overstressing of the innerear of babies children and adults who are using hearing aids and self helps methods

Hearing capacity and the development of faculty of speech
The development of faculty of speech of a child is depending directly from his hearing capacity.
Without the possibility of listen the human brain cannot develop the faculty of speech.
For a deaf child the world ist mute, and for this it is mute himself. For a child with defect hearing, the sounds and words it is listening are blunt, deformed and indistinct and for this his speaking is blunt, deformed and indistinct.
The logical consequenz out of this is to give to them als early as possible hearing aids.
The child suffering on defect in hearing has a benefit out of this. It is hearing more and better and his faculty of speech is improving.
The early diagnosis of inner ear overstressing seems to improve and the parents want to know as early as possible a clear diagnosis and want a early prescription of hearing aids for their child.
And also the child themself like after a short time of habituation their hearing aids and don`t want to miss them.
This is an actual development worldwide specially in Europe and USA with the result that more and more babies and little children have to use hearing aids.

The consequences for the inner ear
The obvious causality of this connections between hearing capacity and faculty of speech is having the danger to miss the consequenzes for the inner ear himself.
Hearing aids can only amplify the sound that is going to the inner ear cells.
This fact everybody can find out by himself. You only have to use a hearing aid and you will recognice that every sound arround you is suddenly much more loud.
Spectacles are only modulating the falling in angle of the light waves, but a spectacle makes no amplifying of the light. By amplifying the sound a hearing aid is also increasing the work of the hearing cells in the inner ear. In the same way like a lightamplification is making work to the seeing cells.
But unfortunately this is until now not respected.

Because in the moment it is normal to give hearing aids to the children and all the other people who need hearing aids together with the request to use them all the day without giving any time of resting for the inner ear cells. Just in the case of having a week capacity of hearing of course also the inner ear cells are more week as normal.
This means: we have to protect them more as if they would be healthy! If you have a child using hearing aids you have to protect them against sensless noise as well as you have to protect yourself against sensless noise (vielleicht hier auf entsprechende Seite verlinken).
For support in the same time the faculty of speech it is necessary to use the time of using hearing aids to speak very intensively with them and in a lot of cases it is also possible to speak very near on the ear.
Of course it is necessary to create professional support for the parents - but for example in germany we have a lot of well educated logopaedic professionals for this.

To bring it to a point:
we need an education for using hearing aids and a awareness that the biological quality of the inner ears have to be protected specially in the case somebody has to use hearing aids.
We have to learn to use the hearing aids as much as necessary and as less as possible.
Everybody who is using hearing aids and starts to not use them as often as possible and beside this is also protecting himself actively against strong noise will notice after some time that she ore he is feeling himself better. If the biological quality of the inner ear is not respected the overstressing of the inner ears is going on and with this we experience a increasing of the symptoms of inner ear overstressing:

  • the capacity of hearing is going down more and more
  • the pressure in the ear is increasing
  • the dysakusis and the hyperakusis is increasing
  • the tinnitus is getting more bad
  • and also vertigo and morbus meniere can appear.
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