The inner ear

The inner ear is a highly complex, delicate and double-sided organ, which enables us to orientate ourselves accoustically and in space. Any attenuation of this organ constitutes a serious and excruciating impairment of the affected person`s health.

At the same time, we are living in an era that puts this organ under particular stress. According to an ENT study of the university of Cologne, every second German citizen will be suffering from an impairment of the inner ear by the year of 2030, and the number of people throughout the age groups, who already are acutely affected, totals several millions.
As a result, inner ear diseases are the object of a multitude of speculations, and the quantity of therapies offered is correspondingly high: a situation more or less confusing for all the persons concerned.
This is why it is necessary to inform as many patients as possible about the function of our organ of hearing and balance, to provide new methods for the prevention and treatment of inner ear diseases and to discuss them in public.
Function and disease of the inner ear

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